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Two new Gallery folders - pretty self-explanatory.

Submissions of this Categories are NOT proofed by quality or general usability by this group.

If your submission is not downloadable from DA, one of these two should be  your choice when hitting the submit button!
The rule that comments must be allowed on your submitted deviation page still applies.
Re-organisation of the Group


  • Reorganized the Group Gallery
  • Added Folder Descriptions
  • Added New simplified Rules
  • Maximum Submissions = 3 per Week and Folder

Removed Submissions from our Gallery:

  • Submissions in Storage
  • Non-Free Content (Brushes for DA Points)
  • SAI brushes
  • Premium Content Folder

Upcoming features:

  • Detailed Installation Instructions for every application
  • How to convert between several Brush Formats
  • Resource Organisation, Creation and more

Additional Notes:

We do not accept content that has to be paid, because it is impossible to check the quality and reliability of the submission. For the same reason we do not accept content that redirects to a page outside of DA. If you have disabled comments on your submission, we also will not accept it.

Submissions are kept for 2 weeks in the queue, to review them. Under "normal" circumstances submissions are reviewed during the work week. Reviewed and accepted submissions will be added to our galleries at the weekend (Friday-Saturday) to maximize exposition for the contributors and the comfort of our watchers. If your submission is denied, than we have reasons to do this.

Quality Control

At the moment i can only check the files and eventually take a look at the brushimages and other users Feedback.

Featured Content

In irregular intervals we will add content to the Featured folder, that has been proved by the community and our own quality controls.
Right, this group needs a good kick-up the bum to get it living again :D I want to start by inviting some of you to be Contributors!

Your main duties will include:

:bulletblue: Accepting/declining submissions.
:bulletblue: Helping with features/interviews.
:bulletblue: Answering questions.

But what do you get in return?

:bulletblue: Your brushes will automatically be accepted into the gallery.
:bulletblue: You'll be working with one of the largest brush groups on DA!

If you're interested, drop the group a PM with the following:

:bulletblue: Links to 2 of your best brushes.
:bulletblue: A brief introduction to who you are.
:bulletblue: Why you want to be a Contributor.
:bulletblue: Whether you would be interested in creating features, or writing interviews.

Theme: Leaves



The theme this time is: Fractals!



Want to suggest a theme for next time? Comment below~

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